Dance Lovers Should Plan to Party All Night Long at the annual Dragons Halloween Ball, Say Reviewers from Dallas Dance Reviews

Dallas, Texas—It’s almost Halloween and that means it’s time for the annual Dragons Halloween Masquerade Ball, an EDM dance party event and interactive aerial show that Dallas Dance Reviews rates as “an experience everyone should have at least once.”

The 2020 Dragons Halloween Ball is a masquerade featuring EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, a high-energy techno-like music genre that is popular in the club scene. In addition to the a mix of heart pumping beats and an intricate variety of masks to see, event-goers will be dazzled by an amazing display of acrobatics performing above them by aerial artists.

“Imagine a club-like environment with the backdrop of an intimate performance going on right above your head,” a reviewer from Dallas Dance Reviews notes. “That is what this event feels like—a mix of a live interactive party and an eye-popping performance all in one. Hanging from the 25 foot ceiling, the aerial artists will wow the audience with a range movements that combine to make an impressive performance that defies gravity. At the same time, there is a huge cat walk where other artists will perform. Virtually everywhere you look, there is an artistic feast for your eyes to behold.”

The theme of the 2020 Dragons Ball changes every year. It’s fitting that with social distancing in place and everyone wearing masks, that the Masquerade theme was chosen. The event has an interesting history that dates back to 1998 when it originated. It started as a fun but informal Dallas house party and has now grown and become an immersive EDM dance performance event that people look forward to all year long.

Anyone interested in attending should know a few key pieces of information, including:

21 and over only
Capacity is limited
Masks are mandatory – get creative!
There will be safety protocols in place that include temperature checks

For more information, contact Dallas Dance reviews or visit their official website. Tickets can be reserved at

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